Richard Augustin


In 2004, Richard Augustin sold his first painting. Since that moment he has considered himself to be a painter, sharing his unique seeing of the world via art.

Prior to his artistic carrer, Augustin had spent much of his life involved in graphic design industry. Born in 1975 in the Czech Republic, he had soon discovered an urge of life built on freedom, discovery, independence and adventure. Art has become the perfect framework.

In 2008, he had opened first Studio Augustin near Prague. Other studios in Goa and Mallorca have followed alongside with Augustin's need of new impulses and growth. During the first decade he had produced some hundreds of paintings and thousands of screenprints. Talented not only to create, but also to show and to sell, he has proved to succeed at international range of art lovers and buyers.

Studio Augustin depends fully on a number of royalities from Augustin's buyers and collectors. His "Old fashioned Art for the 21st Century" honour beauty, fine, joy and simplicity. That have resonated rather to ordinary people than to art experts and curators. The sucsess of Augustin's artwork has become to be measured by his fans and collectors. Really by person like you.

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